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Mobile Racking system- Maximizes available space

Industrial and manufacturing units require huge space to store raw materials, finished goods, tools, files etc. It becomes a herculean task to retrieve them without proper planning. To effectively utilize the space and to ease inventory management, storage racks and shelves could be used. Storage racks and shelves provide the convenience of arranging things and can be retrieved easily. METSTO Storage Solutions, an expertise in the field of the storage system has provided ultimate service in delivering organized racking systems.METSTO provides comprehensive, high quality, world-class design product that hold the attention of their clients consistently and maintains a relationship that is bounded by trust and loyalty.

 Mobile storage racks in Delhi - Best way to store files

Mobile Btorage Racks in Delhi, have the convenience of storing large files. These mobile storage racks optimize the space and projects compactness by eliminating fixed aisle space. The merged aisle space can be opened up only when there is a need to access the files or to move the shelves. These racks are sturdy and have swivel casters that make it portable.  The mobile storage racks in Delhi are more popular and are widely used in all industries as they exhibit high strength, superior finish and high load bearing capacity.

Mobile Storage Racks
Mobile storage racks in Delhi – Customize according to your needs

METSTO has been instrumental in providing mobile storage racks in Delhi that are catered according to the need of their customers. The mobile storage racks in Delhi comes of standard sizes that are compact and dust free. The standard sizes could be modified based on the special requirement of the customers. The mobile storage racks in Delhi are widely used in all industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, automobile, food, textile, engineering and cold storage.

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Warehouse rack Manufacturers

Stack your stock with storage racks

Stacking up goods and materials is an everyday process in manufacturing and industrial sector. Loading and unloading of products in the warehouses, need to be organized so that the goods are received and dispatched safely. METSTO Storage Solution provides warehouse racks that ensure safe, secure, storage racks for warehouses. The warehouse rack manufacturers design storage racks that are sturdy, compact, long lasting that completely satisfies the purpose. Their world-class design holds the attention of the client consistently and builds a relationship that is confined  by trust and loyalty.
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Warehouse rack Manufacturers- Robust and long lasting

Warehouse Rack Manufacturers design and develop racks according to the need and purpose. Depending upon the storage density, they design racks that withstand the load.
The warehouse rack manufacturers comprehend the requirement of the customer and customize racks that suit the purpose. These sturdy, long lasting racks are made from high-quality steel that is procured from Jindal steel, Tata, and Posco Steel & Essar Steel. The product is developed to ensure flexibility in loading and unloading of products. The goods can be loaded from one end and unloaded from the other end.

 Warehouse rack Manufacturers- place your trust

An anonymous writer has described “trust” beautifully. As said, “Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.” METSTO storage solution, value the trust laid by their customer and makes sure that they provide products that satisfy them completely.  The Warehouse Rack Manufacturer specially designs products that can accommodate different size and proportions. The Warehouse rack manufacturers certain that the products are durable and long lasting, however, they also provide after sale services to sustain a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with their esteemed customers.

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Pallet racks in Delhi

Storage Racks- A complete storage solution

It is vital for any industry to organize the materials required for the production or delivery of products. When things are assorted and unorganized, it delays the process of getting work done on time. It affects the workflow thereby reducing efficiency and on time delivery. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, it is important to store things in an organized way so that workflow is not hampered. METSTO, a leader in storage solution gives the best comprehensive, durable, compact racks ideal for all industrial usage. Pallets racks in Delhi by METSTO provide racks for storing heavy products such as tyres, bikes etc.

Pallet racks in Delhi – Modernized storage system

Pallet racks in Delhi provide heavy duty racks that are used in large manufacturing and industrial sectors to store heavy products. The racks are designed according to the requirement and are very compact. The pallet racks in Delhi ensures to provide racks that optimize space and can facilitate in smooth accessing of materials or product. The FIFO principle (First in, First Out) is implemented for smooth workflow thereby avoiding unnecessary delays. The closely-packed, long lasting racks are made from steel that is obtained from steel giants such as Jindal steel, Tata, Posco Steel & Essar Steel.

METSTO – a leader in Pallet racks manufacturing

METSTO, a prominent company in storage solution provides comprehensive and compact storage racks that maximize the available space. The pallet racks in Delhi has enhanced customer satisfaction by providing a unique solution for storing products. The pallet racks in Delhi are used in various sectors of automobile, manufacturing and industrial units to ease their task of organizing heavy products. METSTO with their stringent quality process and durable products has become one of the best companies in providing remarkable storage solutions. 

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Rack manufacturers in Delhi

Why do we need storage racks?

Manufacturing and industrial sectors have many raw materials and finished products that need proper storage. To ease the task of inventory management and for smooth accessing of raw materials or finished goods, it is essential to place them in an organized manner. METSTO Storage Solutions, the rack manufacturers in Delhi have come up with storage racks that are highly durable with heavy load bearing capacity. These racks are designed to maximize the available space. The racks from the rack manufacturers in Delhi provide the convenience for easy retrieval and arranging of products or raw materials.

Rack Manufacturers in Delhi – Merits and usage

The Rack Manufacturers in Delhi design storage racks that are customized according to the client’s requirements. These storage racks are made from heavy steel procured from Jindal steels and Tata. These durable, portable racks give the customers the convenience of storing heavy products. The racks can be easily moved and thus the products or raw materials could be transferred comfortably. The Rack manufacturers in Delhi adhere to their client’s request and deliver them accordingly. They provide the best storage solution according to client’s product and storage plan. The storage racks from Rack manufacturers in Delhi are widely used in all industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, automobile, food, textile, engineering and cold storage.
Rack Manufacturers in Delhi

 METSTO- Provides best storage solutions

As the world is pacing fast, there is no limit for competitors. One needs to act smart to get ahead to reach the desired goal. There is a high demand for quality products which is uncompromising. Therefore, it is essential to store and maintain products that can sustain quality. METSTO, leading rack dealers in India, has analyzed the need of their customers and has provided the best storage solution. The Rack manufacturers in Delhi with their consistency and dedication in providing quality products have earned them a great customer satisfaction. 

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Do you know that 80 percent buyers choose incorrect Storage Racks?

What Storage Rack System is the best for your data center or warehouse? You ask this question while redesigning or constructing the same. Though people think about it before buying, it is said that more than 80 percent buyers end up with an improper selection. It happens because they get influenced by several factors instead of their core requirement.
Cost, availability of racks, the suggestion from a friend or business associate; many reasons are there. Experts say that you should seek the guidance from professionals rather than relying on non-technical sources. Send your request to a service provider such as and enjoy the best benefits out of storage racks. Not only the material type and dimension, but you get valuable suggestions about the layout as well.
Storage Rack System

Professional suppliers know the ins and outs of it
When you ask professional rack suppliers, they can come out with workable, efficient and economic racking solutions because they deal with it day and night. They check the requirement specs and suggest the best option for you. Since different types of racks have different positive and negative aspects, analysts suggest it as per your needs. Here are a few types of racks they supply to their clients:
Selective pallet racks
When you want 100% selectivity to each of the pallet position, this racking system is the appropriate one. You can change the storage mix on the fly. Though the storage density is low here, convenience is the USP. Statistics says that it is one of the commonest racking systems across the word. For fast moving items or perishable stuff; this arrangement is awesome.
Push back racking system
It is a little bit complex arrangement of nested carts that ride on inclined rails. Pallet load pushes back the pallet and the next cart gets exposed. It is possible to keep different SKUs at different levels. Placing of the pallet is done by using a forklift. It is quite obvious that the racks work on LIFO (Last In first Out) method. These racks have wastage of vertical space since there has to be an angle at every level. Also, they can’t be place densely. Hence, the horizontal space also gets wasted. However, ease of use makes it a preferred racking system.
Experts recommend it when a high density of storage is affordable. The material rotation is FIFO (First In First Out). Therefore, it is an ideal arrangement for perishable items or fast-moving consumable stuff.  Theoretically, the size of the warehouse is the only limiting factor when you use this racking system. However, you need to keep some space in between for movement and circulation of air.
Don’t be part of the 80 percent users who choose improper racks. Be a smart user by seeking advice from somebody expert.

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