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Simple Pipe and Joint Racking providence convenience and easy installation

Huge welded, heavy and durable racks are sometimes inconvenient to handle and hence for the light storage of products, there is a need of durable and light-weight racks that can be installed and maintained easily. The best and optimum solution is given by Metal Storage Solutions. They have provided the customer with effective racking solutions known as the pipe racking system. The Pipe Racking System is made using pipes and joints that can be produced without the help of expert hands. The Pipe Racking System is most attractive and can be customized to the client’s requirement. The pipe racking system is highly flexible and can be made into different types such as racks, trolleys gravity stream racks and workstations.
Pipe Racking System

Pipe racking system - Benefits and features

The highlight of the Pipe Racking System is that it does not require great skill in assembling or installing the racks. It made of light steel sheets joined with metal pipes that have a plastic cover.  The pipe racking system is coated with ABS resin that gives a stunning look and ensures lasting texture. The Pipe Racking System can be easily remodeled if it encounters any mistakes while producing it. The pipe racking system has high-end coating that shows great impact resistance and of course free from wear and tear. They are widely used in the household application, hotels, retails stores etc. as they aid in storing the product effectively.
Metal storage solutions by providing excellent storage solution have won the confidence of the customer who completely relies on them for the storage concerns. Metal storage solutions comprehend their customer’s requirement and provide unique, authentic and contemporary storage solutions to their esteemed customers. Their quality is never compromised; by following a stringent quality analysis process they certify that their products are flawless and highly durable.

Pallet racking system

Palletized goods need to be stored properly to ensure easy removal and placement of goods. Huge warehouses housing heavy products have to store them in a secure and organized manner that ensure safety and easy transferring of the products from point to another. The racking system by Metal storage solutions has aimed to provide an optimum solution that can create more available space and also helps in the maintenance of product stored. The Pallet Racking Supplier by Metal Storage Solutions has helped to arrange and store heavy duty products such as the tyre, bikes safely and securely.
Pallet Racking

Pallet racking supplier – best to store palletized goods

The Pallet Racking Supplier understands that these products are to be stored as and when they are manufactured, therefore the racking system by Pallet Racking Supplier ensures that the products are stored on the basis of FIFO (first in- first out) so that product sales do not get hampered. The Pallet Racking Supplier provides services for various sectors.  Automobile, manufacturing, and industrial units are some of the sectors that experience good pallet racking services by the Pallet Racking Supplier

The Pallet Racking Supplier ensures to provide good racking system that is made from good quality steel. They procure steel from Jindal steel, Tata, Posco steel and Essar steel. The racking system by Pallet Racking Supplier is strong and durable and designed to perfection. This futuristic product by pallet racking supplier undergoes a stringent quality check before being delivered to the customers.

Metal storage system- provides optimum solution for storage racks

The racking systems help in easy tracking of the commodity stored and ease the inventory process. Maintenance of the warehouses has become easy with the availability of the racking system. Metal storage solutions with its innovative and creative design have given the flexibility for industrial and manufacturing unit to store the products safely and to utilize the space effectively. This has made Metal storage solutions most popular in the supplier of storage racks.

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What is Lean Manufacturing?

Manufacturing units who produce products follow a quality procedure to get the desired output. While producing quality, they will also have to ensure that they do not overlook on few other factors that can hamper the overall operational stability of the company.  The concept of Lean Manufacturers ensures to eliminate waste, which means the production is done effectively without leading to defects, inappropriate processing, overproduction and improper inventory. Metal storage solution a leading manufacturer of storage racks have ensured to endow lean manufacturing ideology while producing their quality rich products.
Lean Management

Lean manufacturers- methodology and process

The lean manufacturers follow kaizen style to eliminate waste. Kaizen is a Japanese word which actually means good change or improvisation. The  Lean Manufacturersinculcate kaizen methodology and enhance their product by doing continuous research and work for improvisation. They imbibe new technique and process to bring the change that will result in a better output. The  Lean Manufacturers concentrate on five principles that have best operational stability. They develop a lean thinking that looks for specific values and identifies value stream. They implement methods for smooth flow of values and look for customer’s feedback .The  Lean Manufacturers imbibe those customers’ valued feedback and seek perfection by improvising on the product efficiency. This will definitely ensure of providing best, defect free, quality rich, durable products to the customers.

 The  Lean Manufacturers can bring maximum output by identifying the waste that hampers the operational stability. The  Lean Manufacturers keep a check on the production rate so that there is no “over production”. Ethical method of transportation should be followed. Strict inventory management and careful storage of products are to be maintained. There should not be any delay either in the arrival or raw materials or delivery of finished products. The  Lean Manufacturers crosscheck their products for quality and certify that their products are flawless and efficient. 

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Drive in Racking System- best for high-density storage

Storage of products in warehouses has always been an issue in terms of maintenance, space utilization, protection from dust and inventory management. In some industrial and manufacturing sectors, a huge package of finished products is to be stored. They have to be stored securely without hampering the product and hence Metal storage solutions has come up with the best and unique solution called the Drive in Racking System. In the Drive in Racking System, the products are stored in deep storage racks. These racks have rails that push the product to the end of the rack.
Drive in Racking System

The Drive in Racking System are usually stacked through one point and retrieved from the same point, thus giving a first-in, last-out inventory management. However, the Drive in Racking System also facilitates to load from one side and retrieve from the other end; this gives the facility for first-in, first out. Forklifts used to store and lift products can enter from either end. This kind of management can be best utilized in cold storage that guarantees on stock rotation.

Metal storage solution – ensures quality assured products

In the drive in racking system, there is a very little leeway, and the drivers must be extremely careful while stacking the load in the pallet as it hampers the racking system. It is advised to keep monitoring the condition of the racking system and replace or mend it in the case of damage. The Drive in Racking System by Metal storage solutions are strong and sturdy and made from hard steel procured from reputed steel providers like Jindal Steel and Tata. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, they guarantee on quality which follows stringent quality and ensures to provide products that are highly efficient and give an everlasting performance. Metal storage solutions have provided their customer best after sale services that have made them one of the most preferred providers of storage solutions.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Racks Manufacturers in Pune

Organize things to free from hassles

Do you like unorganized things? It feels so messy and also difficult to retrieve something that we are looking for. Also unorganized and messed up things becomes home to pests and rodents. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep things organized. This keeps the place clean, free from dust and pests and most importantly the quality of the product remains intact. Industrial and manufacturing sectors have warehouses that are used to store raw materials and finished products. They have to be placed in an organized manner that makes it easy to remove and transfer. Metal storage systems have come up with an excellent solution of providing racks to the industries that solve their purpose efficiently.


Rack manufacturers in Pune – Best in Racking systems

The Rack Manufacturers in Pune by Metal storage systems have racks that are made from high-quality metals which ensure strength and durability. The  Rack Manufacturers in Pune have focused on the various constraints of the industries and have crafted ultimate rack systems that create more available space. The racks designed by the Rack Manufacturers in Pune are sleek and occupies less space. As the racks are evenly segregated, it becomes easy for inventory management.

The rack system developed by the  Rack Manufacturers in Pune is portable. They can be easily moved and hence transfer of materials is made easier. Being an ISO certified company, the Rack Manufacturers in Pune has never compromised on quality and has assured that the racks are highly reliable and long lasting. The  Rack Manufacturers in Pune always care about their customer’s comfort zone and adhere to their requirement stringently. They ensure that the customers are content with the product, lifelong and hence provide good after sales service too. This has helped to gain the trust and loyalty between them. The  Rack Manufacturers in Pune have also provided online facility to place the order. This flexibility has given the customer the convenience of placing the order anywhere, anytime.

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