Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Storage racks


Storage Racks in Chennai & Pune is considered the perfect as it provide long-lasting features and is able to accommodate numerous industrial products smoothly.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Racks manufacturers in Chennai are the best

All metal storage systems have very often been the pioneer in the process of thinking about the wellbeing of all their clients. Hence, we can rank the best in the making of your life very organized and also fulfilled and this can help us to give a very easy expertise in the ever rapidly improving field of storage systems. Metal storage systems Pvt Ltd has aced this particular field in recent times by manufacturing the best Racks. Your life can also be very fulfilled and organized. Racks manufacturers in Chennai are the best that one can get. All Racks manufacturers in Pune have done a great job in recent times. Racks manufacturers in Delhi have done a great job in the past few decades. Metal storage systems pvt ltd has done a good job as racks manufacturers in Delhi
Rack storage System
An ISO certified company

Metal storage systems Pvt Ltd is an ISO certified company Racks manufacturers in Chennai and as a customer you can be extremely sure that they are always producing something that is only made in an intelligent manner. They are also extremely efficient during the most important period and that is the post sales period. Hence, after the sales is done, they give the service of a complete storage solution and this is done according to the product of the client. As service providers they are always able to understand the product of the client. Thus they are always able to save the time and space of any particular customer. Thus as Racks manufacturers in Chennai they have done an extremely good job. You can also go ahead and try racks manufacturers in Pune. 

Metal storage systems Pvt ltd is the best Racks manufacturers in Chennai. Racks manufactures in Pune are also up to the mark because of their quality of attention to detail. Racks manufacturers in Pune are state of the art. Also you can try Racks manufacturers in Delhi as much as possible because Racks manufacturers in Delhi have made use of the capital city to a very large extent. 

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Read the article before you relocate a warehouse with heavy-duty pallet racks

You make a provision for future expansion while designing a warehousing solution. You design the racking solution with a long-term perspective and order the best material from renowned Pallet Rack manufacturers. You don’t cut corners while procuring the infrastructure so that the warehouse is one of the best in the town.

However, business scenario is dynamic and uncertain. Unexpected changes happen in the internal and external business environment. You take the decision of relocating the stuff to a bigger, better and technically advanced warehouse. You can’t avoid relocation, but you can certainly avoid mismanagement during the relocation process.
Statistics says that the majority of warehouse relocations are carried out in a haphazard way. People don’t plan it well and end up in a complete mess. Don’t let it happen to you. Follow some simple yet effective tips.

 Safety first!
You take great efforts in putting the best safety standards in the warehouse. You order racks from the best suppliers of pallet rack in pune. You appoint the best consultant for designing the warehouse. However, the safety issues get ignored at times when you move the warehouse. When you dismantle the things in the old warehouse and move it to the new one, there are chances of mishaps. Particularly, movement of heavy-duty racks is a big issue.  You should follow proper safety protocols so that the relocation happens smoothly. Ask experts like Metalstorage if you have any doubts.

Physical security
When you move the stuff, it is vulnerable to physical security threats like theft and breakage. It is always advisable to safeguard the relocation event by adequate insurance. At least, you avoid financial loss. Make sure that the new warehouse is equipped with modern safety measures. Avoid relocating to the new premises unless you have adequate security. The material is most vulnerable during the transit. Since the racks and another infrastructure procured from Pallet Rack manufacturers is costly, you shouldn’t take undue risks.

Don’t take clutter to the new   warehouse
You build a state-of-the-art storage space with the top-quality pallet rack inpune. It is not a good thing to store unwanted stuff in such a high-class warehouse. Make sure you do housekeeping and get rid of scrap. 

Relocation experience can be incredibly smooth if you do it with proper planning. Expert rack providers like Metalstorage offer consultancy for great warehousing solutions. You can ask them for help. A guided relocation is preferred when you have expensive and delicate material in the warehouse. 

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Secure Pallet Racking System in Ahmedabad from Trusted Leaders

Heavy duty pallet racking solutions are widely used storage systems in almost entire regions. This is because such pallet racking solutions are highly durable, offer long lasting performance and are very easy to install. If you are looking for palletracking system in Ahmedabad then there are some reputed companies that can serve your requirements.

There are manufacturers as well as suppliers in Ahmedabad that offer high quality pallet racking units made with premium quality. Also, there are local distributors also available, but if you do not want to compromise on quality then you must make sure to hire services of reputed professional company only. This is because only well-known companies can provide you with racking solutions that are of unmatched quality and highly durable. Whether it is your personal office storage space, industry warehouse, your commercial venture storage, or even your residential office storage space, if you want an elite looking and user-friendly racking solution, then this is the one to consider.
The suppliers of eminent pallet racking system in Ahmedabad make sure to employ only highly versatile and hi-tech technologies to create their products. They make sure to deliver clients with excellent structures that are made with high quality materials only. All materials used by such entities belong to certified vendors and therefore possess features of paramount nature. Not only the construction process is supervised with due diligence, but even great focus is levied towards the quality. For this, each and every item manufactured is made to pass through stringent quality control measures.

If you opt to procure pallet racking system in Ahmedabad from a trusted brand then you will be not only provided with great quality products, but also with eminent after sales service. So, no matter what your requirements are, if you wish to acquire high quality pallet racking systems then entities in Ahmedabad can be trusted to great extent.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pallet Rack in Hyderabad – Best Racking Solutions for Heavy Duty Industrial Goods

The system of Pallet Rack in Hyderabad is a complete solution that is optimally design for storage of industrial and heavy goods of different types, weights, and sizes. These units are designed by renowned companies of the region. These companies employ advanced technologies and manufacture well-engineered products that are developed and tested on numerous grounds.
The pallet racking solutions provided by companies of Hyderabad are tested for their durability and strength. They are tested for safe load capacities so that it is convenient for such racking solutions to store heavy duty goods with ease. Despite this, the racking solutions are exceedingly versatile and can user-friendly. They are available in countless customized sizes. So, no matter what kind of good one need to store, the racking units can be conveniently customized according to specific requirements.

In addition to this, the palletrack in Hyderabad offers installation that provides optimum space utilization. There are expert installers provided by reputed companies of the region who make sure to install the racking units in such a way, that there is enough space available for storage. If safety is a primary concern, then worry no more, as such pallet divisions are thoroughly tested for all kinds of safety norms. There are safety precautions outlined for design to realization in order to deliver individual clients with units that are durable, economic, and modular and possess excellent storage capability.
The pallet rack units are made with best quality steel. They are further layered with Epoxy polyester and, therefore, possess excellent resistance to corrosion. These units are also tested for scratch, flexibility, and adhesion. Employing such units can increase the industrial storage capability to a great extent. They are even useful for narrow and long sized corridors. So, for industrial owners who want to create storage spaces that can store their goods in a most eminent manner, the pallet rack in Hyderabad units is the best one to consider.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Mobile Storage Racks, Compact and easy access

Storing space for all purpose is become very necessary and con-sizing their space is all the more important. Mobile storage rack system is built for storage of mobiles near the pathway or corridors. The storage system has pallet racks that are mounted one behind the other selectively. These mobile bases are on the rails that are laid on the floor. The materials stored inside the racks are moved on a track which allows aisle formed in respective racks. The system is substantially high storage system. The mechanism of mobile racks depends on the architectural design and operation of the storage system produced by mobile storage rack manufacturers.

In Metal Storage System Pvt. Ltd, the Mobile Rack In Ahmadabad is manufactured with high quality steel, bolts nuts, and other mechanical parts in it.The iron used is ensures to be long lasting and rust free and abrasions. These mobile storage systems are manufactured in different parts of India like Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore and Delhi. The operational requirement of the rack system depends on the need of the usage of the system. The mobile rack system is also used for stocking files, folders and records and other storage components.

The system is used in various industries like Chemical, Food and beverage, automobile, textile retail, electronic and electrical, dairy, etc. Rated as a leading mobile rack in Hyderabad, the silent features of advantages of rack system are:-

Ø  Flexible in usage.
Ø  Easy maneuver.
Ø  Secure mechanism of storage.
Ø  Dismantling and mantling is required.
Ø  Quality SOM and high capacity load bearing.

Here the mobile storage rack is strictly examined and scrutinized for imperfection free product and then delivered to the client. The system is customized as per the requirement specified which is of the convenience of the client or the customer. Hence our service gives a unique experience to the customers associated with us.